Eye surgery with prominent ophthalmologists: Nogales Ophthalmology Center

In Ophthalmological Center of Nogales, we have the ophthalmologists with more experience in eye surgery in the state of Sonora.


Our team of ophthalmologists has spent more than two decades dedicated to the specialized care of all our patients, performing treatments and eye surgery, we are very concerned about being in constant study and specialization in all related areas so that the patient improves his vision.

Whether from a small eye surgery that allows you to look without the need for glasses, to the most important treatment when an advanced state of vision loss is found, our ophthalmologists will always do what is necessary to give you the best result.
In Ophthalmological Center of Nogales we perform:

  • Early detection treatments for diabetic retinopathy
  • Eye surgery to correct:
  • Vitreous and retina
  • Retinal detachment
  • Cataract with phacoemulsification
  • Fleshiness
  • Glaucoma

In Ophthalmological Center of Nogales we differentiate ourselves from the competition since we only dedicate ourselves to perform treatments, studies, interventions and eye surgery focused on improving the vision and quality of life of our patients.
One of the many advantages that we have at the Nogales Ophthalmological Center is our optics, patients do not have to look in different places to adapt their glasses or contact lenses with us, they find everything in one place with the most competitive prices region of.

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